Self-Imposed Misery, or Choose The Glory!

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Look – it’s really quite simple.  You decide what you want.  You make the choice.  In my case, I want to shed about 13 pounds.  No biggie.  But to get there, there are some things I must do.  These are the steps that promote success, that support success, that will move the action in the direction I claim I want.  So, what’s the “problem”?  It’s called conflict.  And it’s of my own making.

It’s popular to trumpet everywhere that diets don’t work.  Well, of course, they don’t.  Diets are not supposed to work – YOU are.  And when you finally get that concept, then you discover that ALL diets work.  What the public seems to want more than anything else is the so-called “softer, easier” diet – you know the one: The one that lets you eat – no, gorge – on all your favorite foods, and still maintain a body that would be the envy of Nicole Kidman!  C’mon, admit it.  You want to eat at the all-you-can-eat pizza place; participate in the eating contests at 4th of July barbecues; indulge in your cousin’s wedding cake; help celebrate your parents’ 50th anniversary – heck, your own 20th anniversary is coming up, and by golly, you are going to the Brazilian churrascaria!  Ain’t nobody gonna tell me I can’t.  Well, no one is.

Look, I’ve been there, done that.  And embarrased to tell, I still do.  I still want my cake and eat it, too (pardon the pun).  Yep.  I want that svelte, gorgeous, lithe body without doing the work.  I convince myself that the likes of Nicole Kidman don’t have to diet because they’re so tall, they can eat anything they want.  But look a bit closer, and you discover that they put in hard work – from Cher to Raquel Welch to Eva Longoria.  In fact, those Hollywood people actually work at being beautiful.  You know what that means?  The gym every day for 5 hours; eating like a bird; and when socializing, holding a wine glass filled with water and smiling a lot.  I may be exaggerating, but there is a lot of truth between the lines.  Hollywood beauties count on their looks to earn a living, and therefore, work quite hard at it. 

So, I can go to the nearest weight-loss clinic every week and get HCG shots for which I am charged a fortune, and deceive myself into thinking that if I pay good money, it’s going to motivate me to stick to it; and besides, HCG is supposed to melt the fat away automatically, right? Or, I could join Weight Watchers and get weighed in every week, and use the group as my motivator; I could read every book on weight control out there.  Or, I could join a Twelve Step Program and depend on my higher power to give me that gorgeous body I’m looking for.  But you know what?  In the final analysis, it is still up to me. 

Is there a softer, easier way to keep weight off? I doubt it.  But the question is not whether there is an easier way to accomplish the goal.  Rather, do I want the easy way, or the glorious way?  If you pinned a gold medal on Michael Phelps simply for waking up in the morning, it would mean nothing to him.  He would not enjoy it.  No one would celebrate it.  If you declared Tiger Woods the winner at the GPA without him playing a round of golf, how could that count toward his self-esteem?  You see, to get the glory, you have to put in the effort.  You can cry about how hard it is (to deprive yourself from your favorite foods; to sweat and suffer sore muscles; to skip the parties), or you can yield to a choice to get a healthier, more beautiful body.  Make your choice, then yield to its requirements.  In fact, once you do yield, you might discover quite a few benefits in the process itself.  For instance, there are very few sensations more pleasurable than a cool shower after a round of exercise.  Discover your own.  Discover the glorious pride you feel when you step on the scale and it shows the results of your efforts.  Relish that!  Seek it.  Choose glory.

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3 Responses to Self-Imposed Misery, or Choose The Glory!

  1. I agree completely. If we listen to our bodies, we know what to eat or not eat. It’s really quite simple; but many people have gotten into the habit of using food as a “pleasure substitute.” If you eat for comfort or to act as a surrogate for that is missing (intimacy, attention, even sex) then you might be addicted to food. This explains why diets don’t work; they don’t address the underlying problem. We all use food to an extent in the wrong ways, meaning anything beyond survival. “Food pleasure” is very harmful but few are willing to talk about it.
    Is food the ultimate form of “safe sex?” Don’t accuse me of putting forth an outrageous concept until you take a look at this. If it is being used as a “pleasure substitute,” the answer to weight control is going to be found in how we treat the addiction, not in counting calories.
    I apologize if this upsets anyone, but it is worth thinking about as one of many theories about weight control.

  2. Matt says:

    Definitely agree, there has to be some work involved. Anything of value requires some effort. We don’t have to go crazy and do P90x everyday but there has to be some consistent effort on making better food choices and getting regular exercise. Consistency is key, remember its a marathon and not a sprint, make it workable and be consistent. Ok, I’m off my soapbox!

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